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Introductions - by ADHDKC Board Members

Dr. Russell Barkley, PhD

Life Course Outcomes of ADHD: Impact on Management


Teens with ADHD Panel LIVE via Zoom

Moderated By: Kristen Stuppy, MD & Alan Brown, PCC

Dinner - provided

Adults with ADHD Panel

Moderated By: Alan Brown, PCC & Bonnie Ihme


Alan Brown, PCC, ADDCrusher

Rule Your Mind's Voice to Overcome Clutter, Procrastination, & Overwhelm


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Vendor Setup

Doors Open: Participant Sign in

Introductions - by ADHDKC Board Members

Dr. Russell Barkley, PhD

ADHD, Self-Regulation, & Executive Functioning: Implications for Understanding & Management

Lunch - provided

Chris Dendy, MS

Ensuring School Success for Students Struggling with ADHD/EFD


Diane Dempster (MHSA, CPC, PCC) & Elanie Taylor-Klaus (CPCC, PCC) with ImpactADHD: Creating Systems & Structures that Really Work (Main Room)

Bonnie Ihme 

Reflection is Everything - Adults with ADHD (Room 3)


Simone Moody, PhD

ADHD in Preschoolers: Important Considerations & Early Intervention Techniques (Main Room)

Judy Bandy, RN, LSN, CLC

ADHD & Related Executive Functions Skills: A Model After School Program Supporting Students Managing ADHD (Room 3)

Conclusion by ADHDKC Board Members

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